GrizzlyCorps is part of AmeriCorps and National Service in California:

  • Building community resilience, responding to changing climate;
  • Serving as a career building and providing education opportunities; and
  • Promoting meaningful experience and community engagement.

How Does GrizzlyCorps Work?

GrizzlyCorps is building an AmeriCorps program that will send recent college graduates to farm and forest communities in California to work on regenerative agriculture and forest/fire resilience, building farm, forest, and community resilience, promoting education, volunteerism, and community engagement.  GrizzlyCorps is being developed by Project Climate at UC Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, and Environment in partnership with the State of California through CaliforniaVolunteers. 

Each year, GrizzlyCorps will send 20 Members/Fellows to placement partners (including Cooperative Extension field sites) in forest and farm communities throughout the state for 11 months to help build community resilience and respond to climate change. During their service year, GrizzlyCorps members will work on projects that promote regenerative agriculture, forest/fire resilience, and carbon sequestration, while building long-term resilience.

Partner Placements

Partner placements, such as field sites, will receive dedicated project support from enthusiastic emerging professionals who receive professional development and sector training and a stipend. Local benefits include:

  • Direct support for specific resiliency projects.
  • Increased capacity for sustainable and resilient communities.
  • A pipeline for future resiliency efforts.
  • Stronger State-local partnerships for information and expertise exchange.
  • AmeriCorps members with training in climate change, regenerative agriculture, and forest/fire resilience
  • Increased volunteerism at the local level.

Members receive:

  • Training
  • Field experience, with direct supervision
  • Monthly stipend
  • $10,000 towards further education (upon completion of full 1700 hour term)
  • Opportunities to develop professional contacts and mentors


Learn more about regenerative agriculture here. 

Thank you to the Erin Ziegler Fund for Environmental Law for its generous support of GrizzlyCorps.