Our Application for BearCorps Rural Climate Fellow is closed for Service Year 2020-2021

BearCorps' Priority and Regular Applications for the 2020-2021 Service Year have closed. We will be opening our application for the 2021-2022 service year in early 2021. We appreciate all who applied for our fellowship! 

Have a few questions before you apply? View Frequently Asked Questions here. 


Position Description

Areas of Responsibility and Essential Functions

As AmeriCorps members, BearCorps members can only engage in specific goals or tasks. All members will only engage in:

  • Capacity building projects to address resilience and local climate needs.
  • Volunteer engagement to recruit and build volunteer services, and support existing volunteers.
  • Professional development to build both professional skills and community development skills, and to enhance the esprit de corps experience.

Tasks and Functions Include:

  • Work on projects promoting regenerative agriculture (farm) or forest resilience (forest) in conjunction with project needs determined with site supervisor. 
  • Maintains detailed and accurate records of activities. 
  • Accurately records hours served and submits on-time biweekly timesheets. 
  • Notifies appropriate program staff of any concerns at the service site. 
  • Participates in community service projects and volunteer recruitment activities including those on National Service Days. 
  • Notifies site supervisor of any absence or tardiness prior to the absence or tardiness occurring. 
  • Adheres to a schedule agreed upon by member and site supervisor. 
  • Adheres to all AmeriCorps, program, and service site rules and regulations. 
  • Follows directions from service site and program staff. 
  • Wears program-issued AmeriCorps uniform at all times while serving 
  • Maintains a consistent service schedule conducive to completing the minimum number of service hours. 
  • Attends training sessions provided by BearCorps and program site supervisors. 
  • Regularly checks for program-related email correspondence daily and responds accordingly.

Explanation of Duties

All BearCorps projects will increase the capacity of local communities to promote resilience and response to climate needs. Examples of projects include developing local plans, inventorying risks and vulnerabilities, implementing pilot and demonstration projects, and engaging key stakeholders. 

Overall, all BearCorps members follow the same 4-stage intervention process to implement their service:    

  • Gap assessment where members identify capacity building goals
  • Research, planning, and implementation projects to address these goals
  • Volunteer recruitment activities to engage the community in efforts
  • Transitioning of knowledge to community members

Through this intervention model and these specific service activities, the member's service will support BearCorps’ performance measures, including building local resilience capacity, completing professional development, and engaging volunteers.

Schedule Requirements

  • Hours are generally Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 5:30 (varies by placement site), averaging 40 hours per week including some evenings and weekends.
  • Serve a minimum of 1700 hours during the term of service.
  • Of their total hours, the member is expected to log no fewer than 120 training hours, but is able to log up to 20% of their total hours as training hours. The remaining 80% of hours will be dedicated to public agency capacity building projects.
  • The member will also log approximately 100 hours for volunteer engagement activities, which will be a mix of training and service hours.
  • Must participate in 4 service days throughout the service year – Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Cesar Chavez Day, AmeriCorps Week, and LGC-identified Service Day (TBD)

Benefits of Service

In exchange for their service, members will receive the following benefits:

  • Annual Living Stipend of up to $20,000 paid out semi-monthly.
  • Medical health insurance at no cost.
  • $10,000 Education Award that can be used for eligible student loans, tuition, and other education related expenses after successful completion of your service year. Find more information on the AmeriCorps website
  • Forbearance and Interest Accrual Repayment of Eligible Student Loans.
  • Child care expense reimbursement, if you qualify.

Eligibility Requirements and Qualifications

BearCorps members must have completed at least a 4-year degree and ideally have relevant experience in a related field. An ideal candidate will have the following characteristics:

AmeriCorps Requirements

  • Be a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States
  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • Ability to pass FBI, CA Department of Justice, out-of-state (if applicable), and National Sex Offender Public Registry background checks prior to service

BearCorps Requirements

  • A 4-year degree (i.e. BA/BS) from an accredited college or university
  • Commitment to the full term of service (11 months, 1,700 hours)
  • Capability to serve in a professional office setting
  • Strong communication (both verbal and written) and teamwork skills

Strongly Preferred

  • A degree in a related field
  • Past service experience (e.g., volunteering, community service, etc.)
  • Experience with, or training in, outreach, facilitation and/or education
  • Comfort with quantitative tasks, including data collection and analysis

This is an equal opportunity position.

Any questions about the position may be directed to Eliza Munger - eliza.munger@berkeley.edu